Mole Checks

Lumps, Bumps and Patches

If you’re concerned about skin lumps, bumps, and rough skin patches, CK Derm can help. We are able to perform most services within our practice, including pathology, allowing for a faster, and more complete treatment focused specifically on your condition

Rash Evaluation

At CK Derm, we like to make rash decisions, and do so quickly and efficiently. By specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of skin rashes, we can help get your skin back to healthy. While skin rashes can be challenging, we have the expertise needed to evaluate and care for your particular issue

Mole Checks

You know your skin best. If you notice a change in a mole, or even a new mole and you’re uncertain, call us so we can take a look

Acne Treatment

Acne is a skin condition that is highly treatable and in many cases, curable. Come to CK Derm for the best outcome

Rosacea Treatment

Rosacea can sometimes look like acne, requiring proper diagnosis and treatment. Come to CK Derm for both

Skin Cancer Detection and Treatment

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer and also the easiest to detect. At CK Derm, we conduct skin checks to diagnose and treat all skin cancers.

Ptoactive Skin Exams

A routine skin check is one of the easiest and most effective early skin cancer detection methods, providing CK Derm dermatology providers the opportunity to discuss any concerning skin issues.

Wart Removal

Warts are unsightly. Even though they’re not usually dangerous, they can be annoying and even embarrassing. We use several methods to treat them in order to remove them.

Mole Removal

By combining meticulous surgical skill with artistic technique, CK Derm can safely and effectively treat moles, even those that are unsuspicious but also not wanted.

Psoriasis Treatment

Treating psoriasis involves ever evolving sciences.

Hair and Nail Evaluation and Treatment

You may not have thought about it previously but the health of your hair and nails is directly related to your skin. At CK Derm, we know hair and nails, and can help you achieve better health in both.

Bacterial & Fungal
Infection Treatment

Skin offers resistance to infection by bacteria and fungi, but sometimes infections do occur. As with all things in dermatology, the key to overcoming the infections that do occur is customized treatment based on accurate diagnosis.

Mole Checks

Mole checks allow your dermatologist to evaluate any changes in your moles. This is especially valuable if you have numerous moles, if you have odd looking moles or if there is a family history of melanoma. People with any of these factors have a statistically increased risk of developing melanoma, a potentially dangerous skin cancer that is curable if detected early.

Moles are evaluated according to ABCDE: asymmetry, border irregularity, color, diameter and evolving size, shape or color.

Early detection of melanoma can sometimes be tricky, even for at risk people because in the early stages of the disease, the affected moles often look normal. At risk people also tend to have more abnormal looking moles in general. The ABCDE method of evaluating moles, where each is assessed for Asymmetry, Border irregularity, Color, Diameter, and Evolving size, shape or color is always employed.

Mole Check Skin ExamOnce the mole check has been completed, recommendations, especially for suspicious moles, can vary. Skilled dermatology providers utilize precise and low impact biopsies, done right in the office.

Mole checks in general are very simple and take only a couple of minutes. You’ll dress in a gown, usually keeping your underwear on, and then your dermatologist checks you, literally from head to toe, front and back. A bright surgical light and a high powered magnifier is often used. A mole that looks suspicious may cause proper concern, but there is no reason to be concerned about the exam.