Anne Carlisle

Anne Carlisle, CFNP, DCNP

Dermatology Certified Nurse Practitioner

Anne Carlisle is a nurse practitioner with a focus in dermatology. She has Bachelor of Science and Nurse Practitioner degrees from UC Davis.  She also holds a master’s in nursing degree from the University of Phoenix.  Her career as a nurse practitioner began 1996 in family practice and she quickly segued to dermatology, a field she believes to be the “pearl” of medicine.

As a nurse practitioner, Anne is licensed to practice medicine in collaboration with physicians like Dr. Kraffert.  Her role at CK Derm Humboldt is diverse, helping to diagnose and treat all types of skin issues and diseases. She also performs certain minor surgical procedures.  Anne has served, at the pleasure of the NP Society in Dermatology, in a focus group that developed protocols and certification for nurse practitioners in the field of dermatology. She has been a guest lecturer for various professional organizations.

Anne Carlisle’s goal is to know her patients well, and to provide her patients with the best possible general and cosmetic dermatologic care.